Re-Launchpad, the gateway to your business future

by Richard Crawford-Small

Aimed at visionary, and forward thinking aesthetic businesses owners, Re-Launchpad is designed to provide expert advice and help create the foundation for your to create REAL GROWTH

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The 3 Key Challenges

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If your clients trust you to solve their problems for them, you’ll never need to sell anything

We work with a LOT of businesses of varying sizes, mentoring and working to develop the business owner. It became apparent that many were really struggling in the business, because they had no real plan and little access to support. Launchpad gives access to a level of support and insight that has previously not been available, and a bridge between AE and the Club, our Invitation only coaching group. We help you to “get out of your own way” and become the entrepreneur that the world needs you to be! You need a process on how to PROPERLY launch and drive your aesthetic clinic, and there is a PROVEN formula, and it’s not posting on Facebook and hoping for the best. It’s NOT doing a bit of this and a bit of that... It’s NOT reading a couple of books on marketing, or listening to your brother in law who is a “social media guru” designed your logo but also runs a Taxi company.

  • It IS about consistency

  • It IS about quality

  • It IS about passion

  • It IS about engagement

  • It IS about planning

  • It IS about message

  • It IS about getting OUT THERE!!!

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Stuck or need some advice? Can't work something out? Just a bit Foxed? Join the "AMA" in the Facebook Group for LIVE coaching with RCS. (Facebook gave me an amazing resting face in this one)



Richard Crawford-Small

RCS is an entrepreneur and an award-winning sales and marketing consultant, specialising in creating beautiful aesthetic businesses by inspiring the people behind them. I’ve been in the Aesthetic sector for 15 years and have developed unique and proven methodologies that will grow your business by starting better conversations with the right client, building relationships and converting those relationships to sales. I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses globally, from small independent clinic right through to multi-million dollar chains, to help them maximise the lifetime value of their patients, and deliver a consistent, compliant and comprehensive service every time.  I’m also the founder of The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs group, the fastest growing aesthetic business community online, and the author of the bestselling book Changing Faces - the secret of creating a beautiful aesthetic business