The Most Comprehensive, Complete & Practical Aesthetic Business Accelerator On Planet Earth

Your strategy for creating a beautiful aesthetic business.

Build an efficient business ‣ Develop an entrepreneurial mindset ‣ Discover your true purpose and focus ‣ Master your diary ‣ Learn how to create profitable services ‣ How to 10x your income Weekly masterminds ‣ Monthly workshops ‣ Tools & much much more!!

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What is it?

Simply put, this is the most comprehensive and practical Aesthetic Business Programme on planet Earth.

The Platinum Programme is an intensive business accelerator, designed to move you from where you are, to where you NEED to be in the shortest possible time. It is effective, challenging and will push you outside of your comfort zone.

Proven strategies for you to CREATE solid goals, BUILD an effective plan, DEFINE your culture, ATTRACT a community, MAXIMISE opportunities and GENERATE revenue.
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Platinum is everything you need to solve these problems and create the Aesthetic business that you deserve

Tools, Education Program, Network and much more.

We’re learning new things about our existence all the time, so it stands to reason that we should continue to evolve our knowledge and learn about ourselves.

We should continue to strive, to never become the finished article and we should always be moving and evolving. 

This programme will show you the most direct route to real, tangible results and provide you with the tools to get you there.

Who is it for?

The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs Platinum Programme is for anyone who wants to create a Performance or High-Performance business

Have you ever felt like you should have a more successful business by now?  Do you feel like you have little to show for your effort? Do you feel like you have no strategy for building your business? If you want to start creating the processes that will support you and focus on your highest values, this is the ONLY program for you.

How does it work?

When you register, you get access to the platform, tools, education program and Elite community of successful Aesthetic Entrpreneurs, and you can start building your business immediately.

Before you go any further...

Who this WON'T work for...

  • If you are looking for some kind of quick fix bullshit system, DO NOT JOIN

  • If you are a dabbler, DO NOT JOIN

  • If you are 100% perfectly happy with your business situation, DO NOT JOIN

  • If you are not looking to significantly increase your income, DO NOT JOIN

  • If you are not looking to master your business future, DO NOT JOIN

  • If you don't like being challenged, or working hard, DO NOT JOIN

  • If you do not want structured and automated business systems, DO NOT JOIN

  • If you are the type of person who finds a problem for every solution, DO NOT JOIN

I'm here to help, and If you fit the criteria above, I'm confident that I cannot help you, so don't waste your time or money.

This program is extremely valuable and is designed to significantly reduce the mistakes you make.

I am VERY selective in who I would like to join the mastermind group.

We are all about VALUE, and working towards a highly profitable long term relationship.

If you don't like the sound of that....I'm not for you.

I Personally Guarantee, this will be the best investment you will ever make!

So don't let this opportunity pass you by... Click the button below to get started immediately.

Global Reputation

Changing businesses, Changing Lives

RCS is entrepreneur and an award-winning sales and marketing consultant, specialising in creating beautiful aesthetic businesses by inspiring the people behind them.

I’ve been in the Aesthetic sector for 15 years and have developed unique and proven methodologies that will grow your business by starting better conversations with the right client, building relationships and converting those relationships to sales.

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses globally, from small independent clinic right through to multi-million dollar chains, to help them maximise the lifetime value of their patients, and deliver a consistent, compliant and comprehensive service every time. 

I’m also the founder of The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs group, the fastest-growing aesthetic business community online, and the author of the bestselling book Changing Faces - the secret of creating a beautiful aesthetic business

Weekly Group Coaching

Ask Me Anything Sessions

Each and every week, there are group "Ask Me Anything" Sessions, where RCS shares insight and strategies. During these EXCLUSIVE and highly INTERACTIVE sessions, you'll get aesthetic coaching worth thousands.

Most aesthetic coaching courses are in excess of £1,000 per year alone and rarely give much value.

RCS sessions regularly give ideas that turn into £££ in a matter of hours.

This is one mastermind you'll not want to miss!

Most Aesthetic coaching costs in excess of £1000 per year alone and is rarely of any value.

This is one mastermind you are going to want to be part of.

Real people, real results

Check out some of the wins!


PROVEN to transform Aesthetic Businesses

  • 1. GOAL

    Learn the most powerful goal-setting methodologies, and discover your purpose. Create DESIRE and PASSION for your business, and FOCUS and ALIGN yourself with your VISION!

  • 2. PLAN

    Create a SIMPLE plan to help you to manage the feeling of OVERWHELM, stay FOCUSED, CONSISTENT and remain DISCIPLINED.


    Use your goals and plan to define your own vision and values and tell YOUR story. DEFINE your culture with VISION and VALUES, develop your ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET, and build CONFIDENCE.


    Creating meaningful content that demonstrates who you are as a person, not a product, will connect you to your ideal customer. ATTRACT the RIGHT CLIENTS, create a LOYAL COMMUNITY


    Understanding your client, knowing what your core is and what your big message is, make you visible and commercialise every opportunity.

  • 6. REVENUE

    MAXIMISE each and every unit of income, and learn the language of business. Learn how to automate and delegate your way to a lean, efficient and beautiful aesthetic business.

All of these elements combined create


There are no shortcuts

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Why Platinum is awesome

Step by step educational videos

RCS has a talent for making complex systems and strategies simple to execute, and this is what makes this programme so valuable.  Everyone values time. This program ensures efficiency of implementation.

The Platinum Programme in detail

7 Modules, over 100 lessons of high value content

  • 1


    • Read Changing Faces

  • 2

    Foundation & Fundamentals

    • Welcome to The Platinum Programme

    • How to use this platform

    • Why Platinum?

    • The sales problem

    • Starting the conversation - Cold Traffic Funnel

    • Relationship Building - Warm Traffic Funnel

    • The Hot Lead - becoming a Sales Jedi

    • Entrepreneurship

    • What does success look like?

    • Maximise the multiple

    • Know Thyself

    • Recap - Eisenhower Matrix

    • Support the Eisenhower with Evernote

    • Myers-Briggs Test

    • Myers-Briggs Reports

    • Success Stories - Kelly McCreedy

    • Brucey Bonuses

    • End of module Challenge! Introduce yourself!

  • 3


    • Introduction to Module Two

    • A Goal is a dream with a plan

    • The Importance of Goalsetting

    • Set Some Goals!

    • Success Stories - Stevie Potter

    • Bonus - JFK's Presentation @ Rice

  • 4

    Planning & Strategy

    • Introduction to Planning

    • Gaintaining

    • Push v Pull

    • Resourcing Part 1

    • Resourcing Part 2

    • Resourcing Part 3

    • Eisenhower Matrix

    • What's your Moonshot?

    • Create your plan

  • 5


    • The currency of trust

    • Telling Stories

    • Three Brand Stories Part One

    • Three Brand Stories Part Two

    • The Art of Storytelling

    • Create a brochure

  • 6

    Content Workshop

    • Why we NEED to create content.

    • The Content Machine!!

    • The Content Machine Part 2

    • The Content Planner

    • Podcasting Part 1

    • Podcasting Part 2

    • Podcasting Part 3

    • Podcasting Part 3

    • Podcasting Part 4

    • Content Creation Challenge

  • 7


    • Socioeconomic Avatar

    • Goals for your target client

    • Challenges for your target clients

    • Create your Client Avatars

    • Content Planner

  • 8


  • 9

    BONUS - Sales Jedi

    • Introduction

    • Step 1 - Symptom & Situation

    • Step 2 - Pain & Cost

    • Step 3 - The Breaking Point

    • Step 4 - The Future Dream

    • Step 5 - The Bridge

    • Step 6 - The Solution

    • Step 7 - The Commitment

    • Step 8 - The Follow up

Complimentary Membership to the Entrepreneurs Club

"The Club" are the Elite group of inspired, motivated and creative  community of like-minded Aesthetic Entrepreneurs who all agree to share, encourage, guide and lift up each other in order to achieve business success.

The Entrepreneurs Club Membership

Each Club member is on a mission to design their life and business

  • No access to EFFECTIVE mentorship that covers all areas of business building and marketing mastery.

  • No access to other entrepreneurs who are on a mission to empower all areas of their life and business.

  • Most of the serious courses available are £2,000+ and they only teach one part of the process which normally isn't universal or easily implementable.

  • The market is drowning in bullshit but starving for timeless, practical and tangible guidance and services.

  • Too many people preaching what they are not practicing themselves. This makes it extremely difficult to know who to trust.

  • Weekly Masterminds, covering different areas of the program

  • A 24/7  private network group of like minded master minds to help each other grow.

  • Club mentorship for low cost monthly subscription.

  • To help you become completely empowered and in control of your business

  • To connect you to others on the same path.